Friday, July 3, 2009

Mcinnis art show in Providance Rhode Island...And a tattoo.

The light house tattoo was done by Murray Sell in two sittings on a real cool kid from Mass named Bill. The paintings are for the"love thy neighbor" Mcinnis Tatttoo art show that's coming up (Totally awesome shop by the way). The skull with the knife through its head and reaper was done by Murray Sell along with the wild as hell Bulldog nun. Those are currently at the framer being custom framed in preparation for the show. The snake and dagger was just finished by Jae Audett YESTERDAY. It is SO cool. This picture really does it no justice. Jae's is one of the most precise anal retentive (in a good way mind you) tattooers we've ever worked with. He is an extremely valuable asset to our family. He is an accomplished painter, and guy's let me be the one to tell you he lays waste to some tattoos. The the tiger head is also for the show but will be made into a shirt for the shop fairly shortly....The amount of energy and productivity in this shop is really exciting to be a part of. Truly inspirational.

The "Love thy Neighbor" show is on Saturday August 8th (2009 respectfully)
At machines with magnets, 400 main street, Pawtucket RI
Shit drops at 5 pm y'all.

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