Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jack Dracula article in the Connecticut Day news paper

Jack Dracula, born Jack Baker, is a famous tattooer who spent the 60's tattooing and getting into trouble in New London Connecticut.
His story is both compelling and interesting. From the looks of this article, New London CT was a VERY different place back then. Probably a lot more interesting then it is now even.

His birthday is on Christmas day. He has no family or children of his own and is a ward of the Park Pleasant Nursing Home in Philadelphia.
I'm encouraging you all to send this colorful and pleasant old man a card this Christmas season.
He is also a fan on McDonald's cheese burgers so if you go to visit him in the nursing home I would suggest bringing him a small token of your appreciation.

Thanks to Dan owner of Whaling City Tattoo in New London for the heads up on this article!

Park Pleasant Nursing Home
4712 Chester Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 727-4450

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Teddy Safarian's Long awaited 2009 book is for sale now!

I made a book , its 66 pages long and is a portion of some of the paintings that i did from 2008 until 2009 . If you'd like a copy they are 60 dollars each plus five dollars shipping I accept paypal at

-Teddy Safarian


Yes sirs and Madams. I've compiled all my paintings from over the last 8 months and a few others along with some tattoos I was super stoked on into a 8x8 book. There are 30+ color images in this volume.

The cost is $40 bucks for a soft cover and $50 for a hard back cover post paid. I'm new at Paypal, but it is 100% a-go so you can reach me at:

Please hit me up with a note specifying your address and which option you'd prefer hard back or soft.

A lot of really great tattooers that I've been corresponding with are going to be doing these soon so now's your chance to pick up some really great items that will surely only increase DRAMATICALLY in value as time goes on because of their rarity and over all awesomeness.
If all goes as planned I will be publishing a new volume once a year and at the end of 2010 I will stop the publication of the 2009 books forever and ever and ever making the one you purchase extremely one of a kind and rare.

Thanks for your increasing support guys and gals!


2009 Flying Tiger Halloween party

Good times this year folks. Lots of people from all over showed up. Monster ink from NY, Nautilus tattoo From Berlin CT, Mad River Ink from Waterbury CT and Mcinnis tattoo from RI and tons of our friends and family and clients. Some wild times were had indeed. We'd really like to thank everyone who came out! Y'all are gorgeous!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Boston tattoo convention.

The Boston tattoo convention was a lot of fun. After the convention each night some truly insane and bizarre fun went down. Including everyone running off into a corn field/swamp in the middle of nowhere drunker then hell, drawing by moon and camp fire light and placing a Halloween grim reaper prop in a chair to make it look like it was hanging out with us. I think Shawn tried to talk to it too. haha good times. I can't wait until next year that's for sure.
Thanks go to Teddy Safarian for the video.I'm sure more will come.


The 90's....

This month I Reached further into the rugged and wild proto-new school style. I sure had a lot of fun doing all of these paintings and sending them all over creation to their new owners. Well not really the sending part. I HATE the Fed Ex store. It's almost like they intentionally give away jobs to people who don't want to help you. As if that it was part of their hiring criteria. Employees that just sit around, deferring their responsibilities, scratching their ass and wiping the dribble from their mouths like apes...I hate laziness in people and the Fed Ex store represents a culmination of all that sharp pointed hot in the face rage. There is nothing I detest more then to send off a painting knowing there's only an 85% - 98% chance it'll reach its destination.I am not a gambling man so the amount of risk as small as it is causes me to turn in my sleep at times. Especially if its a package that's leaving the country. I'd rather sit all day at the DMV.
It's gotten better since switching to UPS though I confess.

For my next round of paintings and tattoos I will retract most of my vague emotional gestures and instead apply a more rigorous and methodical artistic style. Exploring some even darker new found imagery and ideas. It's going to be nuts y'all.
So on with the show!


Marcus Mancini keeps me moving whenever I'm not producing. Seems like every time I turn around he's working on something really awesome. It always make me inclined to pick up my brushes. Marcus Loves the folksy simplified tattoo style. Bold and bright yet unassuming. always dripping with character.I love it.
I'm lucky to have him along all my friends at my side. Here's what he did this month!



We've been heard at work this month. Lots of new paintings and some great tattoos from everyone.
First up Jae Audette!