Monday, October 26, 2009

The 90's....

This month I Reached further into the rugged and wild proto-new school style. I sure had a lot of fun doing all of these paintings and sending them all over creation to their new owners. Well not really the sending part. I HATE the Fed Ex store. It's almost like they intentionally give away jobs to people who don't want to help you. As if that it was part of their hiring criteria. Employees that just sit around, deferring their responsibilities, scratching their ass and wiping the dribble from their mouths like apes...I hate laziness in people and the Fed Ex store represents a culmination of all that sharp pointed hot in the face rage. There is nothing I detest more then to send off a painting knowing there's only an 85% - 98% chance it'll reach its destination.I am not a gambling man so the amount of risk as small as it is causes me to turn in my sleep at times. Especially if its a package that's leaving the country. I'd rather sit all day at the DMV.
It's gotten better since switching to UPS though I confess.

For my next round of paintings and tattoos I will retract most of my vague emotional gestures and instead apply a more rigorous and methodical artistic style. Exploring some even darker new found imagery and ideas. It's going to be nuts y'all.
So on with the show!


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  1. wow you have been painting your ass off. I need to step it up.
    I hope one of these is coming my way.