Saturday, August 22, 2009

New this week-

Well I painted two sheets of flash this week But I'm not ready to let them out yet because I still have about 6 more sheets to do to complete the set. And depending on how they turn out I might rip them all up if I don't feel good when I see them all together.
So, for now, here are some fun tattoos I got to do. Again, in a loose, almost new school fashion. But not in the sense of the kinds of stuff you'd typically think of when you think new school. More, Proto-new school if you will. With a good PROPER amount of black and tons of contrast. Seriously these tattoos are probably more black then color. The way it should be. Hope y'all like 'em. I sure had fun tattooing them.


Monday, August 17, 2009

I've been feeling black and gray lately...The pork chop sheet is our first collaboration as a shop. There will be more of these in the future.The heads...I just wanted to do something that had an old Spaulding and or Dave lum feel to it. Coquille board and colored pencil.

Monday, August 3, 2009


The crooked cross. Most hated, cherished and misunderstood symbol ever designed by... blah blah blah!!

Actually I'm just a fan of dysfunctional and anti-social imagery. Reminds me of the late 60's. Bikers, acid freaks, filthy hippies, Mansonites...All of der f├╝hrer chosen. Micky loading a shot gun because he can't take the pressure..Fuck the cops etc. I feel like its the last thing that even registers as shocking anymore thanks to popular culture, the media....Zee Germans...haha
Anyway I painted this for Karl Hadgepath at Jinx proof as a gift for making such a great tattoo machine...It's the least I could do.


Rick Brown

Rick Brown is the most calm, laid back, fun tattooer I've ever worked around. He has taught me a lot about taking my time and approaching a painting first in my mind. You really wouldn't think it if you met the guy because of his laid back, southern swagger but he is an extremely methodical, Calm tattooer and painter. So good. But enough of the brown nosing!
Contact Rick . He is one of the nicest folks I know.
He works at Empire tattoo In Asheville NC.

Teddy Safarian

Teddy Safarian is a long time friend and an extremely artistically motivating factor in my life. I wouldn't be half the painter/ tattooer that I am with out his help. Take a look at what he can do. Energetic, rugged, simple, Pure awesome in my eyes. The guy is an unstoppable force when it comes to art. At any given moment he could be working on 10 different projects. These are some of his older works. And there will be far more to come. He works at Tattoo paradise in Washington DC.

Hit him up.