Saturday, February 25, 2012

So SO busy.....

Got to work on some cool stuff between 5 million walk ins today..I'm totally exhausted.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valintine's Day tattoos.

Did this on Valintines day this year for some real great clients of mine who are getting married soon. Good luck lasering these bad boys off!ha!

2011 Philly Tattoo Convention

Had an awesome time seeing all my friends this year.Stayed fairly busy too. Didn't have a good time dealing with 800 tattooers in 500 booths. Seem like the bigger these things get, the shittier they become. 45 minute lines, being searched like common criminals,getting hastled by security over pocket knives and tattooing under cameras is pretty fucking LAME .Bummer. In my opinion the shariton Hotel was a FAR better establishment to hold a convention in.Biker gangs and all. I Dont know if I'll return next year.Might just tattoo at Olde City tattoo instead.

Grim Reaper and candle tattoo

I love when my clients tell me to do whatever I want with their idea.One more sitting ought to do it.

Tiger head on the knee

Fun tattoo, Hard spot to get a decdnt picture.

Drawn on Guantlet and Flail

I didn't do the tattoos around this.haha But this was fun to do none the less.

Japanese dragon sleeve in progress

Chipping away at this one. Super fun.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black light Laughing Hanya Ala Gifu Horihide

This is origionally a Gifu Horihide image that I repainted in the "fun house" style. Horihide is a japanese tattoo master that I really admire.I really find that these old Japanese Tabori images make excellent subject matter for painting with black light in mind. I'm thinking about painting a couple from his books this way to see how they all look together.I feel it would look pretty exciting seeing a wall of imagry like this glowing in the dark.