Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maximum contrast

Here are a few projects I did recently that I was pretty stoked to do. The Devil Painting was done for tattooer, machine builder and owner of Jinx proof tattoo in Washington DC, Karl Hedgepath. I wanted to take a not so commonly tattooed design, the devil, and put it in the context of a fun house or black light poster. Negative imagery that is both bright and artistically accessible to the average person. No fluff no tricks, just lots of black, retina burning colors, MAXIMUM CONTRAST and an easily readable image. You can tell what it is from 20 paces. And that's what I wanted.
The skateboard heart with roses was fun because I got to hear the magic words, "just make it look good and tough." My favorite thing to hear someone tell me. The Skull and roses with the centipede...Man I could tattoo stuff like that forever. It is not finished but should be soon. I'll post an update when its done.



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  1. Those flames remind me of some cartoon. What the fuck was it?! It might have had a ninja, a scientist or something else. All are great btw.