Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got an email from VBS informing me of a cool documentry on tattooing.

VBS is awesome.Some of the best journalism there is right now. It's awesome to see them putting some focus on tattooing:

For 'Folk Art in the 50th State' our team ventured to Hawaii for some awesome interviews with the tattoo artists Mike Brown and Sulu'ape Steve Looney, as well as Erich Weiss, the director of the new Sailor Jerry doc Hari Smoku.

In Part One, we chat with the legendary Mike Brown about his role as a pioneer of tattoos and the legacy of Sailor Jerry and talk the tradition and intricate patterns of Samoan tattoos with Steve Looney in Part Two.

Check them out below:

Part One: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/art-talk/art-talk-mike-brown
Part Two: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/art-talk/art-talk-steve-looney

The Steve Looney polynesian episode is a must watch.Hell both of them are awesome!

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