Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election day.

Anti-establishment "Paranoia porn" flash, just in time for election day...

Those of you "in the know" will find dozens of nods and tips of the hat to topics that consume the minds of many people considered by the establishment to be on the "fringe" of politics and philosophical thinking. From Satanic bloodlines, The Illuminati, Reptilians, FEMA camps, bio-terror, nightmare eugenicists, the military industrial complex, tyrannical police oppression, Radical revolutionary figures and freedom fighters, anti fascism and populism, It's ALL in there. I made sure that almost everything relates to something else in some manner. I really researched my ass off for this project.Like, weeks and weeks of reading and watching movies and thinking....Some of the sheets can be flipped over on a light table so you can see both an explanation as well as the image together. I will be printing sets shortly.



  1. count me in for a set. where do i send loot, and how much?

    -seth c.

  2. Man this set is rad! I have no children. I have no wife,and I operate with credit! hurry with those prints now.

  3. i think i want that alien with the suit on tattooed on me....

  4. Reference to "lizard people/reptilians" eroc :)


  5. Oh, and to say. This is one of the best flash sheet I have seen posted in the internet blogging sites, probably ever (the other gems are of course in non internet zones ;) )

    Great shit Murray!


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