Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Split flash sheet with and tattoo by my good friend Derek Martinez of Electric 13 tattoo in Austin TX

I haven't seen Derek in a few years but he is one of my best most trusted friends. It was really awesome having him at the shop this past few days. We got to together last night and kicked out a flash sheet for old times. Derek doing the bottom half of the sheet and myself doing the top half.

If you are smart you will get tattooed by Derek. He is one skilled tattooer.

I've also included a tattoo that Derek did on me as part of my grim reaper/death torso project that I'm having all my friends tattoo on me.yes!!!



  1. The dude! Yessss. I'm moving to Austin in September so I'll look him. Weird timing Murray.

  2. WEEEEIRD!!!! Good luck sister! Go see Derek! He's the best!

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