Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I made this after saturating my brain with non-stop news for the last few weeks to see what would happen to my mind. NPR in the morning, AM radio on the way home from the shop.CRAZY AM radio late at night when I Paint. A couple of hours cable news in between. It's enough to turn you into a real hyper-aware animal thats for sure.



  1. This is rad. Will you PLEASE come to Utah soon and tattoo me?!?!

  2. best thing i did was turn that shit off.
    if its not music, it better make me laugh, and thats it.
    i've given up on humanity, why let it ruin my life.

  3. Hell ya I agree!! Media in all forms is the devil. I think I read some place that the information in one Sunday new york times is the equivalent of a life time of current event information in the Victorian age.Crazy. It only takes a few people watching this stuff for a little while to get them to whip everyone up into a frenzy around them.Its a powerful mind control tool for sure.I wanted to experience first hand. The fury and paranoia...After you stop watching this crap you end up feeling completely normal too.odd.haha