Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New stuff.

So I recently moved my family to West Hartford and I haven't really been able to paint in the capacity that I'm used to because of having to move and unpack ect. But now that that's almost over I've started painting again surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes of crap.
So here are a few tattoos and a collaborative drawing that my friends and I made during the great blizzard of 2010 down in Baltimore MD which incidentally ruined the convention that weekend. HA! The list of contributors on the drawing are as follows: Paulie B/S from Glenn's tattoo service in NC, Myself, Marcus Mancini from My shop, Teddy Safarian From Tattoo paradise in DC, Rick brown from Empire tattoo in NC, Jason Goldberg who owns Olde City tattoo in Philly PA and Tomas Garcia who is in between Spain and tattoo paradise. I drew the skull and dagger with the rain clouds and ribbon that reads 2010.

The Hand tattoo is on tattooer Kyle Slayban of Monster Ink in New York, The Rick Brown inspired Fudo Myo sword is obviously a work in progress on one of my best and most faithful Clients Tim Davis who I did the neck tattoos on a few blog entries back. The Folky style Namakubi (roughly meaning Severed head in Japanese) is on another one of my other favorite clients Arielle Zaczyk.

Thanks for looking and commenting! See y'all soon.


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