Friday, September 4, 2009

Here are some of my trip Highlights from when I traveled down to DC for the Jinx proof 13 year anniversary party. Starting with some pictures of my Daughters and I right before I left town and ending with Two pictures of PHENOMENAL paintings from Teddy Safarian's girl friend Hayden who is the apprentice at tattoo paradise. She's only been painting flash now for less then a year and Let me be the first one to come out and say it, she is going to CRUSH tattooing one day. By the way, Tattoo Paradise is stocked with some of the nicest gentlemen I've ever had the pleasure of spending 10 hours sitting around with other then the fellah's I go to work with each day here in Connecticut *wink*. Matt Knopp, the owner was super hospitable and gave me a little tour of all the art work all over the shop. Their piercer George is rumored to be able to eat 100+ hot wings in one sitting. Nuff said. Carlos Truan was also in town from Perfection Tattoo in Austin Texas and I'd like to note that he is one bad ass tattooer and a very funny and nice guy. It was awesome meeting him.
Anyway, It was a lot of fun. People where nuts at the jinx proof welcome party. I wish I could have actually spent more time with everyone. Karl is an excellent host and all the guys at the shop who I haven't seen since the Philly tattoo convention where in top form. Now that I'm home I can renew my painting and tattooing with a new sense of purpose. I saw some real TREASURES in DC. OG sailor Jerry Sheets behind stations, OG Ed Hardy's..Malone all over. It was amazing. I'd highly recommend stopping at both tattoo paradise in Adams Morgan and Jinx Proof in George town. These places are like Museums. There are Literally little artistic diamonds and rubies hidden and scattered all over both of these tattoo shops. I'd go as far to say that any tattooer or tattoo enthusiast should go out of their way to check these places out and get tattooed there. I'd just like to thank everyone I met down south and I look foreword to coming back again real soon.



  1. Maaan, I want to get tattooed! Did you get anything done Murray?

  2. I sure did. I got the little devil tattoo from Teddy.